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Thread: What a RIA 1911 govt can become with a little work

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan H View Post
    I believe you are confusing "MIM" with "Investment Casting", which are two different things entirely. Investment casting is just fine. Also you must have opted for that aluminum frame because they are forged steel, unless otherwise specified. Yeah the mainspring housing is plastic. So what? Metal ones are cheap if you want otherwise, but they aren't a problem. Swartz safety system? That is "criticized" and thats as far as it goes, really. Find me enough "posts" out there to confirm its an issue and we can come to an agreement there... Why don't you send your Kimber in for warranty service, they're pretty good about fixing stuff, yanno? ;)

    Anyway, don't get me wrong, I like the RIA series of 1911s. I just don't think they're worth buying to "modify" because of the cheaper parts in them.
    Well, I'll just say that two of the top professionals in the 1911 business, Hilton Yam and Larry Vickers will not support a Kimber product with a Swartz safety. That in of it's self is good enough for me. You can find writings about this on 10-8 by both of them. If you don't know who they are then google their names first. I know Larry Vickers personally. Have for many years.

    The only 1911 from Kimber that Hilton Yam actually supported was the "Warrior" series, and yet after many trials with it he removed it from his list of rec'd 1911's for hard duty use. Again, I'll take his word for it, especially after my experience with the Tactical Custom II.

    As for the RIA's................NO their not tope of line pistols and I would not spend much money replacing parts inside or outside of them when I can get what I want from SA, or higher end semi-custom manufacturer like Night Hawk. The only thing I might change in the RIA Tactical is the barrel, to a Kart NM.

    I'm just not a fan of Kimber. No harm no foul.
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    Well I'm not going to lie, I don't exactly think Kimber is cream of the crop or anything, but one has to admit that the new ones (post-issues of the "old days") are a great value if you don't want a Taurus or RIA. And I still don't see why you haven't had Kimber take yours in for warranty service, unless it is modified in some way that the warranty would have been voided?

    As far as the Swartz safety, well, it doesn't bug me at all but if needed, removal is pretty straightforward and easy to do. It could even easily be reinstalled if one were going to send in the gun for warranty work (no modification of parts required).
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    ended up trading my Kimber Ultra carry for a RIA Tactical 45 and a Glock 17,and have not looked back !!

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