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  1. My New Toys!

    Well I have this friend that ran into some financial problems and had to get rid of some stuff to make ends meet. Well she showed me some of the stuff she was selling and here is what I picked up. Two Smith & Wesson 38 Specials. A model 10-7 that was made in 1986 and a model 15-3 stubby made in 1968. Both are in fine shape. What do you all think of my find? Oh and by the way my son (KimberPB) cannot rag on me this time I gave him first shot at them. Got both for $1000.00

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    Nice additions to any collection.
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    I like the .38 snubby. Congrats on both! Nice acquisitions!

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    I like 'em both... and it's cool you get to help out a friend in need at the same time.
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    They look in great condition! You'll enjoy shooting them...
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    I thought hard about it but spent too much money at my buddies bachelor party. From what I read they make good shooters. I can't wait to come up and see how they shoot.

    Oh and don't forget to update the Will!! lol
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    Congrats! I love S&W revolvers. I have a 340PD chambered in .357 and a Model 28 Highway Patrolman .357.

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