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    howdy , does someone know what police depts. Issues .41 magnums , either the models, 57 or 58??
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    Most Likley The Model 58....

    Thats what I had anyway. Not sure what depts still issue these anymore. I bought a Model 57 later on for my personal use looked like chrome it was so shiney and a 8 3/8 inch barrel as I remember!!...J.T.

    This might be helpful:

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    I don't believe any Department now issues them, although individual departments may have grandfathered individual officers. Detroit used to issue, but not now. They recently went to S&W M&P 40s. There are few revolvers issued Depatment wide anywhere, and those carried are mostly snub nose for backup guns. Trouble is, there are NO factory loaded mid-range loads made now and departments don't issue reloads. There are no loads made less thaan 1200fps and that is too much overpenetration for police work. Remington no longer makes what was the only easily available mid-range lead load.
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