glock 19 barrel coating??
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Thread: glock 19 barrel coating??

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    Question glock 19 barrel coating??

    Hello all, my question is, how many shots need to be put thru a g19 befor barrel coating shows wear. does it show wear relatively soon?

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    There are many factors that will determine how soon wear will show on the Tennifer finish of the Glock pistols. My primary is a G 23 with over 20k rounds through it. There is only minor wear on the barrel . The paint on the slide stop lever is worn, but other than that, the gun is in very good shape.

    If you have specific questions, I'd recomment you contact Glock directly. I have a friend who noticed abnormal wear on the barrel of his G 17. He contacted Glock and was instructed to send the barrel and slide back to them for refinishing. When he got the barrel and slide back, they appeared to be "factory new" and they installed Glock night sights free of charge.

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  4. I didn't know the tennifer finish was on the barrel as well. I thought it was just the slide. I thought it was supposed to last near forever.

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    No, no--It takes about 3 rounds to see the effects of firing the gun on the barrel hood and around the muzzle (just behind). The effects won't be dramatic, but you'll know that it's been fired right away. Won't effect a darned thing.

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    Thanks everyone, I was looking @ a used one and when i pulled the slide back I noticed some of the color was worn off the barrel. The shop owner said that it was fired approx 500 times according to the previous owner. I just wanted to know if this wear was normal..

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