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    Exclamation Any HK USP

    HK's USP series is a great design. I'll take a 45 full size please. Accurate, reliable, fast, and lightweight.

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    Why are we only limited to one? There's just too many to choose from. I picked up a Mark 23 back before they were going for almost $2000. It's as durable as one can ask, accurate, and a tried and true caliber. It's not unbearably heavy, but it is noticeably heavier than the USP I own (great gun as well) and I think a little over an inch longer. So it loses points in concealment factor, it makes up for it with all its other features.
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    Quote Originally Posted by blhjr View Post
    Would have to say my two Taurus 24/7 Pros, 9mm & 45acp.With well over 7000 rounds in both,I have yet to have any problems with either one.
    I would have to agree. I had not really considered the Taurus. But, I really liked the feel of the 24/7 ProC 45 in the hand. (Better than the Glock & everybit as good as the XDM)

    Because my wife wanted/needed a little more than the Bersa 380acp (Another GREAT handgun!), I really liked the price of the 24/7 Pro Compacts.

    But, it was when I took them to the range and found out they were as accurate and reliable as my XDM; and also experiencing how comfortable they are for all day carry that the 24/7 ProC became my "Top" pick as a all around GREAT handgun.

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    If I could only have one pistol (I currently have 4) it would have to be my HK P2000 SK 9mm. Very accurate and very concealable. Terrific pistol.

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    I like my 357 Magnums. The size for concealed carry, the reliability and easier upkeep of a revolver and the versatility of 38, 38 +P and 357 loads are my reasons.

    Glock 23 is a tie for first, given the simplicity of design, durability, reliability, safety, size, weight, ergonomics and the high capacity.

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    Clearly, there is a separation between the ‘very best’ gun for me, and the notorious ‘dream gun’ I wish I could have. Anyway, since I do carry most of the time I’m restricted to what fits, hides and shoots well enough to be my preferred choice. Drum roll please… S&W 640 customized with real sights, tuned, hard chromed, melded and moon clipped. In fact, mine is still a work-in-progress but you get the idea.
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    Glock in whatever caliber suits you, go's bang every time without haveing to run 2 or 3 hundred rounds thru it

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    I have a lot of guns, but the best for me by far is my GP100, stainless 4". People say their Glocks are the most dependable, I beg to differ.

  10. I like the GP100 and carry 38+P+ hollow points. Simple, no malfunctions and just pull the trigger.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Old Zebra View Post
    For me it's a 5" Nighthawk GRP Recon with a Streamlight TLR-2 mounted on the gun's rail. This .45 ACP 1911 is utterly reliable, amazingly accurate, and with the combo light/laser on the rail, I have all I want and need in a home defense weapon.
    I own the same gun. Night Hawk is without a doubt at the top of the 1911 game, but they do not come without a high price tag, as with any reliable semi custom 1911. I mounted the Insight M6 Laser/Light combo on my rail.

    I own many H&K USP varients and they are consitently reliable. I can't ever remember any failures out of any of my H&K pistols.

    A reliable 1911 is still my favorite handgun. Caveat emptor, getting one 100% reliable may take some work, especially if your shooting more than just a couple hundred rounds a month and then saying "flawless"

    In fact, there is a Springfield "MC" Operator sitting right in front of me on this desk.
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