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Thread: Worst gun of all time

  1. Glock

    Worst gun I ever had was a glock 17. out of the box first trigger pull it failed to fire and almost every 5 shots after that again ftf it sucked I ended up trading it for a s&w sigma sw40ve ya thats right a sigma and surprise surprise ive put over 1500 rounds through it without ever having a problem id trust my life with it

  3. HK P7M8.

    Let me count the ways:

    - Pitiful 8 round mag - and the dang handle still felt like a 2x4
    - sharp pointy mag release button, jeezus, did they send the thing to a razor factory first???
    - Gas action - couldn't shoot cheap lead bullets, oh no, they had to be expensive plated or jacketed bullets.
    - Shoot more than a mag or two, be prepared with the Nomex/welding gloves, cause you're gonna burn sucka!
    - Expensive mags - and this was well before the '94 mag morons

    However, it did have it's advantages:

    - Thank god it wasn't a HK P7M13!!!!

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    Charter Arms

    Mine worst gun was/is a New Charter Arms Bulldog, stainless, in .44spl.

    Out of the box it had a grinding two stage single action trigger pull. I figured it
    would get better with use. It didn't. I put 300 rounds through it without any
    improvement. So I sent it back to the factory. I received it back in about a
    month with an acceptable s/a trigger at no charge to me.

    About 400 rounds later a round of brass stuck in the cylinder. It was not a
    reload. It would not come out, so I pushed a bit harder on the ejector. Still
    would not come out. I tapped on the ejector rod and the entire cylinder
    separated from the gun. So back to the factory again. Got it back about a
    month later with a new cylinder still at no cost to me.

    I've put more than a thousand rounds through it since then and it is working
    fine. However, I don't use factory ammo anymore. I use only reduced power
    reloads. I am not going to take a chance with full power factory ammo or full
    power reloads.

    I owned one of the originals in 1975. It took anything I put in it without
    complaint. I wish I had not sold it.
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  5. HK Model 4.

    Picked one up from an estate sale. It only had the .32ACP and .22 barrels and mags (they came with .380, .32, .25 and .22 barrels and mags, so I got a partial kit out of the deal and paid accordingly), so I got a deal and I'm a sucker for European pocket pistols. Cool looking gun. Handles well, points pretty good considering it's got the useless GCA '68 beating (right handed) target grips on it (I'm a leftie).

    It refuses to feed ANY .32 ACP ammo. I tried hot loaded (max listed powder charges under 71 gr FMJ), loaded mild (mid range or lighter reloads), loaded long (to make up for the change to a shorter OAL that happened with the .32ACP factory rounds), loaded with heavier bullets, lighter bullets loaded long, ... along with every brand of .32ACP I can get my hands on and I still haven't gotten more than 3 countinous rounds fired without a FTF or FTE. The .22 kit isn't any better. I haven't found a load that will cycle it reliably yet either.

    Also don't like the slide release. You have to pull the trigger to drop the slide. And I don't like the fluted chamber. That eats up the brass and you get MAYBE 2 or 3 reloads out of it before it splits. It sounds like a great idea for military guns that will see a high round count in a combat situation but for a pocket gun, it's overkill to an extreme.

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    Bought a Para P-10 to conceal carry, it would have made a better razor, never seen so many sharp edges.
    It worked fine just not as a concealed carry piece, so I traded for a glock 27....

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    Beretta 9000 Cougar (9mm). Inox finish with walnut grips. The front site is a dovetail and kept moving after a few shots. We tied pinging it and locktite to no avail. Sent it back to Beretta where they replaced the slide. Upon returning it the same problems occurred. Found out the machine tolerances were off for the Inox version. Beretta bought the gun back for retail price. Very happy with the company response.

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    Smith and Wesson Airlight, .22 cal revolver. Bought it for my daughter to use as a hiking sidearm. Took it out to the range, shot a box off .22 long through it, no problems. Started .22 LR, first shot BANG, then the cylinder seized up and the hammer would not pull back. Unload, try again, same results. Unload try again, same results. What the heck? I'm starting to wonder what I'm doing wrong, putting the ammo in upside down? This whole thing made NO SENSE. Trip to gunsmith, he had the same problem, turns out the first round was backing out after firing and bulging, seizing the cylinder. Took it back to the shop where I bought it, no problem, here's another one, it should work. It did. Sent the problem child back to S&W and have not heard anything from them since.
    2nd worst firearm, I traded a .44 cal Super Blackhawk for a Para warthog. The thing FTL'd 3-4 rounds out of 10. Several times. Took it and traded in on a Kimber Ultra Crimson Concealed Carry. I still came out ahead as I got more out of the Warthog than I had given for the Blackhawk.

  9. First time i have heard of a .357sig having problems the bottle neck helps in feeding. Glock stands by what they sell so if nothing is blocking the chamber like a bur, dirty chambers cause this quite often. I would give Glock a call and make it right. The sig. is or near the top for SD guns only comparison is the 10mm,d


    Quote Originally Posted by Glockster20 View Post
    Red Hat, Assuming that you have tried a variety of HP's for your G33, have you contacted Glock about your problem?

    For me, the worst I ever owned was a Taurus PT111 Millenium 9mm... It wasn't an awful gun except that I would get at least one FTF on every trip to the range.
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    I agree with SCCY, I had to send it in twice before it would even feed one round into the firing chamber.
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    Worst one has to be a Rohm I have. The cylinder did not break down, you had to unthread the ejection rod and knock out the empties one at a time. In firing, you may got 3 out of 6 to fire and then you got shrapnel so you had better wear glasses. I bought it from a friend who did "not want a gun in the house" when his mother died. Wasted 20 bucks. A gunsmith told me it was not worth fixing because of its age and that the design is flawed. He told me it would simply go back to its old ways. It is now collecting dust because it is too dangerous to fire and due to that I am not going to sell it and get someone hurt with this POS. I have seen many cheap pistols, but I have never seen one as dangerous as that one.
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