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Thread: Worst gun of all time

  1. My wife's mosquito works great. No jams. We always make sure to use CCI .22 LR mini-mag ammo. Fires like a dream and very accurate

  3. not sure if I'd call it the worst gun ever, but I watched the cylinder fall off of a Taurus snubbie at a gun store before... Decided I wasn't too interested in that gun anymore.

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    Ref: to fire and due to that I am not going to sell it and get someone hurt with this POS. I have seen many cheap pistols, but I have never seen one as dangerous as that one.

    THE PERFECT pistol to sell in the next community gun buy-back!!!!

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    Worst gun I own is this R&J .38 special snub nose. It has 2 broken springs in and talked to alot of gunsmiths about it, they told me my best bet is to throw it away. Hell one of the indoor ranges will not even let me bring bring it there to shoot even if its fixed. Apparently there is an issue where the cylinders fail and the gun basically explodes in your hand.

    My Hi Power is as old as I am, had probably close to 25000 (yes 25K)rounds put through it and only had one reverse stove pipe (not counting the click from crappy cheap ammo); the first casing bounced off the stall wall next to me and the range and dropped back into the chamber as the gun was cycling for the second round of a double tap. The range master actually watched it happen and I heard the intercom go off after it with him just laughing.
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  6. I had a Sigma series 9 mm awhile back and had to sell it fast. It sucked.

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    Update to my Sig Misquito.

    I've put about 1000rds through it of Winchester bulk, CCI Stinger, and CCI Velociter. It prefers the CCI Stinger and Velociter, I have assesed b/c of the hotter rounds pushing the slide rearward at a faster rate... thus improving function. Very few jams(FTE-FTF)with that ammo, it still functions pretty well with the Winchester bulk pack ammo... usually 1 malfuction every 20rds or so.

    Overall, not the best gun I've owned... but not the worst either. It just needs some breaking in and the correct ammo.
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    .380 highpoint never could make it through a full mag without it jamming, what do you expect for $100

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    For me personally, its the phoenix hp22. Worked great for that long, then it jammed and locked up the hammer. It would free up after clearing the slide or even overnight. Total garbage in my opinion.

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    I've seen Taurus, Glock, Jennings, Lorcin, Rohm, Keltec, Sig, Jimenez, SCCY, etc....mentioned in this thread. I don't think every gun mentioned here is junk. I understand that these mechanical wonders we are so fond of, are the creation of man. Still today with all the technological advancements in manufacturing; we don't have a firearms manufacturer who has not had a gun returned to them for one reason or another?

    Even the high-end gun manufacturers have returns. You think Kimber, or Wilson Combat don't have guns returned to them for repairs? Here's a better example: Harley Davidson, Ford, and Barrett Firearms. All three of these companies are reputable, and popular in their industry. Yet all three have service departments.

    One of my buddies has a Jennings 9mm. Shoots just fine. I've had two Hi-Point pistols and a 9mm carbine. All shot great! It's heavy, not a gun I would carry everyday. But it shoots great! Yet, for years now, I've heard people say they are junk? I disagree. I think they're built like tanks! Heavy but accurate shooters as far as I'm concerned.

    Pistols in my opinion are just like any other mechanical products we buy everyday. They are only as good as the manufacturing and quality control process is for each manufacturer. With that being said, I'll do as many of you do. Research the firearm, put my hands on one, fire it if I can, and make up my own mind about the gun before I listen to a few forum postings that degrade it. Reputation in the firearm industry is everything. And I'm not afraid to give a new gun manufacturer a try. I just bought the SCCY CPX-2 9mm. It's not a Glock, Sig, or Ruger, but it's been a great little shooter so far. Do I think it's the best? Ofcourse not. But for the price, I'm happy that I bought one. I have Rugers and I love them. I've had S&W in the past, and loved it. But it was that unpopular Hi-Point that everybody made jokes about that I love the best. Why? Because they make great little guns, and they stand behind their products with a lifetime warranty. But the best part is the price. $130-$180 for a gun I know goes bang everytime I pull the trigger. Makes me feel foolish for spending the money for that high end S&W, that doesn't do anything better than the Hi-Point? To each his own, but I purchase firearms to get the job done for the best value. And I will never spend $1000 on a pistol. I have a hard time coming to terms with buying one for $500! I'm not a gun collector, so resale value doesn't really mean much to me. I'm not a gun shop that sells my guns. I keep them, for something to pass on to my kids. I have some $500 guns, but it's the industry cheapos that have continued to perform for me just fine. Heritage, Taurus, SCCY, Hi-Point, kel-tec, etc...all great guns as far as I'm concerned.
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  11. Okay, years ago, I had a Harrington & Richardson 922 9-shot .22 revolver. It was terrible. Shot every time, but always up and to the left. Nothing we could do would fix it.

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