Carry a round chambered or not?
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Thread: Carry a round chambered or not?

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    Question Carry a round chambered or not?

    When you're carrying, if you carry a semi-auto, do you keep a round chambered or not?
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    Yep. When I first started carrying, like most, it took a while to get used to it. But my sons pointed out that you may not have enough time or stealth to be able to rack a semi-auto in the event you need to use it...
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    In my 1911 model Kimber I carry in Condition 1. Thats cocked and one in the chamber.

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    There may be some safety issues with a single action auto but with a DBL action or DBL action only there is absolutely no reason not to. That is just one of the reason I carry either DBl action or DBl action only handguns. If you don't your are decreasing your odds of survival during an armed confrontation.
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    Thanks for the input. I have been carrying a revolver and just got a semi-auto. I wondered what everyone thought. It does make a lot of sence to be ready as soon as the gun comes out of the holster instead of having to rack one into the chamber before your ready.
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    I always carry with one in the chamber regardless what firearm I carry. Here is a long thread on this subject.
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    Round in the Pipe

    I have always carried with a round in the chamber. I have a semi-auto SA/DA that has a safety/decocker, and keep the safety on almost all the time. I do that because it makes handling the gun - moving it from nightstand to desk to holster, etc - safer. If I sense the possibility of a confrontation - i.e. I am walking on the street in the dark at night, or something starts not to look right - I click the safety off. Then I am ready - if necessary - to just draw and fire.

    This was easy for me, since the first time I handled a gun - i.e. a double-barreled shotgun - the vast majority (99.9%) it was loaded. Basic training in the Army was a trip for me - it was the first and only time I carried an unloaded weapon for any measurable period. Got a lot of muzzle control from all those years in the woods.
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    Topic beaten to death already. My goodness do you not know how to search?

    Yes, one in the chamber. Why?

    1. I would rather chamber the round in a controlled environment so that I can double check that the round has chambered properly rather than trust myself and my gun in a shtf moment. What if a malfunction were to happen while you were, under the stress of about to lose your life, trying to get a round chambered within the time frame of a couple of seconds?

    2. What if one of your hands/arms was restrained in some way and you have to draw/fire with one hand?

    3. In a modern handgun, keep your dang booger picker out of the trigger guard (and everything else out of the trigger guard) and the gun will not go off, unless it is broke and you need to get it fixed anyway, then.

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    I have always carried cocked & locked. My Kahr has no safety but is DAO and it stays cocked and locked. From the time I was first introduced to firearms, and now still, I was taught that all firearms are LOADED, no matter what. In my house, they really are LOADED, 24/7. An unloaded firearm is about as useful as a large rock.

    Those that visit me all know that if they are handling one of my firearms, that it has one in the pipe. Unless it is one of the only two friends I have who I actually trust to handle one of my loaded firearms, people know not to touch them until I personally unload them and hand it over. Even then, they know to PROPERLY double check, or I will take it away and they won't handle firearms around me anymore.
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    One in the pipe is the only way to fly.
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