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    I carry a 19 because of less recoil, old and disabled man lol.............I also have a 23, 27, 22, 26, 21, the 23 recoil is less and allows for easier follow up shots on ur target............ eather one is great, go with the one thats rite for u................... only u can make a decision as whats rite for u,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Glock is rite for me, thats all I can say............... oh I carry every day iwb and the 19 conceals well....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gamecockfan1963 View Post
    T hanks folks for all the input,,I am going with the G27 just because i want one :)
    Even with a finger groove extension or one round mag extension, the G27 is still a smaller gun than the G23. Shorter barrel, frame, etc... I carry the 27 and I find it to be an excellent hideout gun and it packs a punch!

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