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Thread: Just put a P238 on layaway

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    Looks very nice....let us know how it performs.

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    Still no range time (probably in two weeks) but after lots of handling I have noticed the plastic grips have been stained. They look really dirty and won't come clean. I have some automotive plastic cleaner I'm gonna try but this is just a foresight into what I know will be a PITA to keep clean later on down the road.
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    Ran a few mags through it today (about 30 rounds) of various ammo (Silver Tips, Hydra-Shoks, Magtech ball) and it ran great. Little to no felt recoil, and hit on target at ~12 feet (we were shooting random stuff in a friend's back yard). I will continue to report on how it does, but after ~50 rounds it hasn't malfunctioned at all. I'm broke right now so no trip to the range for some real quality time for a few weeks.
    Gun control: Forcing a 95lb woman to fist fight a 300lb rapist

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    I to am thinking on getting a second one, have the Equinox,liking the rainbow. Have two Ruger Lpc's and one Keltec P3At. I love the Sig.

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    We have two Sig P238's and both are great. Fun to shoot and very accurate. Mine is a SAS and the wife has a Equinox. Neither one has had a malfunction of any kind.

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    I'm lookin at pickin up a diamondback at Jays later this week

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