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  1. Where are they?

    I have heard about the seecamp guns for years, but have never actually seen one except in gun magazines. Never seen one at the gun shops, or the guns shows. Who ever has them must be keeping them. That must mean that they like them. Always looking for newer and better firearms.:D

  3. I'm now the proud owner of a seecamp 32. I'll post a report after shooting it.:D

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    Seecamp shooting?

    Quote Originally Posted by sar View Post
    I'm now the proud owner of a seecamp 32. I'll post a report after shooting it.:D
    Well... how do you like it?

    I've always thought about getting a Seecamp; the .25 ACP one at first, then the .32 ACP Silvertip version when that came out. But it always seemed like it would be an ordeal to order and wait for one.
    Lately, I've been considering a NAA Guardian .32 ACP. The Beretta Tomcat seems like a decent gun, but I've heard it's rather thick for its size.

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    I've owned/carried my Seecamp .32 for 10 or 12 years now and I've been very pleased with it. Seecamps are hand made and the quality shows. The main reason I like this for CC is that it is tiny. I carry it in a pocket holster and it imprints like a wallet. I generally carry it in my back pocket and it has never been identified, even on 2 occasions when I was patted down entering an NFL stadium.

    The Seecamp doesn't have any sights, but as it's designed for face-to-face confrontations, who needs sights. If you want, you can rotate it slightly sideways and sight down the groove. I have no problem putting all rounds into center mass at 20 feet. I will admit that it isn't very comfortable to shoot as it really pounds your hand.

    Yes, .32 isn't a large or very powerful round, but it is more than enough to get the job done and because of its small size, you can carry it much easier and without a chance of it being seen.

  6. I own a small gunshop. We ordered a 32ACP LW Seecamp for a customer. Took around two months to come in, the qulity of that firearm is excellent. Have not shot one yet, but we ordered two of them so I still have another, thinking seriously of telling the Mrs I will be keeping the other one..

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