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FWIW, there is a real WWII 1911 at the local gun shop going for $3,100 on the shelf. Has "Property of U.S. Government" on the frame..

This is not a WWII gun.

One can simply call Colt Fireams and provide them with the serial number of the pistol and they can give your the month and year that the firearm was maunfactured.

I have a Colt MkIV Series 70 1911 .45 that was manufactured in March of 1970. It was given to me by a friend who found it after his father passed away. It's worth app $899

If this pistol was manufactured in the 60's then I don't expect it to be worth much more than mine.

However, if Colt say's it was manufactured in 1940 then it's a curio and relic collectors type item.

Give Colt a call. They will look up the serial number for you.