I attended a Glock Instructors School and an Armorers School when they first started hitting Police Departments in 1985. We put the guns through the ringer and tortured them beyond anything I'd ever seen done with a gun. I developed a love and respect for the pistol. After teaching and attending numerous combat/ tactical shooting schools, including Gunsite and Thunder Ranch, Various SWAT schools with the Glock; the one thing I have found is: LEAVE THE DAMN THING ALONE!!!! The gun works and works well, it does what it's designed to do for combat, self defense purposes. The ONLY time I have seen the Glock Pistols fail on the range, is when somebody takes the pistol and loads it up with bells, whistles, play-purties, can openers, tactical cheese graters, competition salt-n-pepper shakers and all of that other gear that seems to be absolutely neccessary for shooting someone in defense of your life. In fact, on one occassion, the guy had a new "custom" Barrel, special trigger do-dads, and extended super-duper slide "release", extended magazine release, etc. The gun kept malfunctioning and dropping the mag halfway through the mag capacity. He had all of the original parts in his Gun cleaning box. I replaced all of the original parts and put the expensive play-toys in his box where they belonged. AMAZINGLY, the malfunctions stopped. The mag was held in place from first shot to last, and his groups actually improved, even without the special, tactical, rambo, custom Barrel. Gee, who'd a thought it?

Gee, my pistol functions well, has gobbled up 3000 plus rounds, can shoot head shots at 25 yards, and I shoot it well. What kind of toys should I put on it? Damn! How about Night Sights and leave it alone!!!!