Mauser trigger spring 7.62 1914 HELP
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Thread: Mauser trigger spring 7.62 1914 HELP

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    Mauser trigger spring 7.62 1914 HELP

    I have a mauser pistol the 1914 style 7.62, that was given to me when i was a kid and i broke the trigger reset spring taking it apart all those years.
    Does anyone know where i could find one? It's the spring that pushes the trigger back forward after it is pulled.

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    This Mauser

    Mauser*|*1896 BROOMHANDLE*|*

    That is a simple flat spring and should be easy to make if one is not found.

    Or is it like this?
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    I've got one of those in .32 cal. It was my grandfather's - given to him by his boss many years ago to carry when he had to distribute the payroll (though the same boss told him "if someone points a gun at you and asks for the payroll, give it to them!") Neat little guns.

    Mine's pretty much retired now, but still functions.

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