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    There are many Glocks in my family, and I fire the large frame models. All of mine have been modified to some extent except for the G36 which was made to my specs (took five months to get). The G30SF was modified by installing tritium sights. The G20SF spring was replaced with a non-captured 19# spring and metal guide rod. It functions perfectly. The G20SF was extensively modified AFTER a KB using stock parts. A postmortem on the fired cases indicated that the slide was cycling while there was still considerable pressure in the barrel. In one case, it caused the head of a case to be pulled off damaging the magazine and some small parts of the gun. The chamber in that particular G20SF allowed the cases to expand between 0.015 - 0.018, and the "guppy belly" went nearly half way down the case. After replacing the barrel with a Lone Wolf (mine dropped right in) barrel and Wolff 20# recoil spring, case expansion is a maximum of 0.005 inch with no "belly" and I have had NO feeding problems whatever with any ammunition, factory or reload. I also replaced the trigger and block pins with Titanium and added tritium sights. The Titanium pins came after seeing what the pins looked like in my son's .357 Sig Glock after a few hundred rounds. Yes, I load the 10mm heavy. If I wanted a .40 I would have bought one. All in all, I think that the Glock is an excellent weapon. If there is a fault to them, it would be that the springs tend to be a bit light. I have seen no negative effects in mine by using heavier springs.

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    Say what?

    You can leave a mag fully loaded for years and it isn't "tough" on the spring. What wears out springs is cycling them and what damages springs is exceeding their elastic limit (over stretching or compressing). Simply loading a mag to capacity and leaving it alone does neither of those things.

    ETA: Magazine spring madness: 'creep' to your 'elastic limit' to un-earth the urban legend of 'spring-set' | American Handgunner | Find Articles at BNET
    Yea I know but with a round in the chamber and a complety full mag the gun just don't feel right when the mag is put back in, works ok this way but I just prefer not to

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    Thank you! it is a pleasure to see a post from someone with knowledge of his weapon. A malfunction can cost you your life so there's no excuse for not knowing the inner workings of your weapon. The Glock is a ' user friendly' tool, you can buy from any number of after market dist.I love DIY work- then I know its done rite. Thanx again Punch!

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    I started this thread a long time ago, and since then Glock has "redesigned" the mag followers. I contacted them, Sept 2011 and told them I had 3 mags, all Glock mags. and they sent me 3 new followers for free. The problem had not occurred in a while, however I didn't want to take any chances. Kudos to Glock for standing behind their product and sending me these parts, no questions asked...they didn't even require me to return the old parts. I now also own a Gen4 G36....Not a single issue with that one. Bolth will digest anything I put in them, as a Glock should!

  6. I have experienced the same issue with my new G23 Gen 3. Would anyone know if my Gen 3 would have the older magazine type that would need the updated part?

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