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    Carry & Storage Maintenance/Method & Routine

    Where I live is almost void of humidity, so rust or corrosion is least of my concern. My question is one of curiosity. I'd simply like to know how often you oil and care for your guns that are carried everyday, and those stored for long periods of time. For instance, I oil my carry gun once a month, and those stored, every six months. Method is also of interest. Example..I always use a hard drying past wax on all exterior surfaces of both rifles and handguns.( blued, stainless, nickle, and stocks ) Whats your method & routine?
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  3. I seldom clean/lube the stainless Ruger P95 I carry. Maybe twice a year or if I get caught in the rain. The chore gun I carry on the farm is a stainless Ruger 22/45 w/synthetic frame and it gets the dust/weed seeds blown out with an air hose occasionally and some CLP in the action if it starts to malfunction. Guns in storage are usually removed twice per year, wiped down, and inspected.

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    My carry gun (Glock 23) is cleaned weekly or after shooting. I use oil about once or twice a month depending on time of year and weather. The rest of my gun are cleaned every six months or after each use and checked every three months.
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    I go to the range about once a month with several guns from my safe and my carry gun (J-Frame, Titanium, .38SPL +P) on my hip. Since I rotate my "safe guns" through this process, all of the guns in my safe end up with a thorough cleaning about every six months.

    Before I leave the range, I always make my last fifty rounds with my carry gun and give it a good cleaning as well. So it gets "fluffed-n-buffed" monthly.

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