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Thread: S&W Sigma Trigger Troubles

  1. I replaced my Sigma striker spring with a Wolf spring. It reduced the trigger pull but also failed to set off hard primers 100%.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xp100 View Post
    I replaced my Sigma striker spring with a Wolf spring. It reduced the trigger pull but also failed to set off hard primers 100%.
    Sorry to hear about the problems. I have not experienced any such problem. What brands of ammo have the hard primers? I will certainly give those cartridges a try and see if my firearm acts in like fashion.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by milkmood View Post
    I have a couple of problems that may be related. The first and most important problem is that I can't hit an 18" target from 5 yards

    But thankfully, I think that's related to a sticky trigger. When I squeeze the trigger, not only is it a heavy trigger and a long trigger (those I can live with), but it seems to be sticky, like I'm not lubing in the right spots or something. It's like there's plastic rubbing on plastic somewhere. I realize this is a cheap gun, but has anybody else experienced this and found a fix for it short of replacing the entire trigger mechanism with some aftermarket outfit?

    The S&W Sigma is truly a quality gun at a Super price. I am however surprised by the variance in trigger-pull from gun to gun. (Next time you go to your gun store, have them pull out 5 Sigma’s and compare the trigger pulls. 1 of 5 is “not too bad”…… Most are heavy spring and almost a “grind” in the break. The good ones will still feel a little heavy but break clean. (Unlike most other guns under $300.00, the Sigma, good trigger or not, will still fire every time when you pull the trigger.) Some are just harder than others and need and adjustment.
    That grinding- rubbing feel is most noticeable in some guns when it’s not even cocked. When you pull the trigger, you can see the pressure on the guide with the slide is removed. You can make it smoother and stop the binding by adding oil and compressing the springs in the striker retaining group. This can be done from the top using a pen. Just keep pushing down and then hold. THEN PULL THE TRIGGER until it stops hanging up and gets smoother…. (I think the double spring system binds against each other.)

    If that doesn’t work, this is another option:
    Sigma Trigger Fix - XDTalk Forums - Your XD/XD(m) Information Source!

    I hope this helps….

    Oh – I also have an original Sigma 40, the one Glock sued S&W for, and the trigger on that one feels just like my Glock. Very light springs and smooth break which is around around 5lbs. Did S&W changed the trigger…….??

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    If you cannot do it yourself have the trigger job done, it will make a ton of differance in trigger pull, a bud at work had one we all shot it at the range some time back, about 5 or 6 people shot it, and it is not a new gun, well broken in, but the funny thing is the newbys that were with us did not seem to see a problem with it untill they ran a few rds thru something else, compared to the Sigma, the Glock trigger feels like butter

  6. Yeah - It's hard to beat a Glock!! The Sigma with a good trigger is a very comfortable - cost effective option....

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    Quote Originally Posted by milkmood View Post
    Yeah, I was eyeballing a Taurus PT145 yesterday... big bullets, higher mag capacity than a 1911, compact frame...great price. Trigger is way different. I'd also consider an M&P 45. I'm sure the bottom line is...you get what you pay for, as with anything in life.

    The Sigma might make a good backup.
    I would rather have a inexpensive S&W (Sigma) with a trigger job then anything Taurus makes.
    Taurus are range pistols. They work great for plinking. If they FTF, or break, what does it mater at the range?
    How many law enforcement, security, or military use the Taurus brand?
    If your life is going to depend on a firearm, buy a quality one.
    Sorry if I hijacked the thread.
    Good luck with your sigma.

  8. Ive had both sig's.The 40 cal that glock sued was a kick ass gun!!!! I could slam 4 15 round clips through it as fast as i could and it wouldnt miss a lick. I loved the triger on it never no problems. someone liked it beter than me and stole my gun,car, and everything my in it. Well as crazy as it sounds I went and bought a new sig. WOW... i thought i was going to have to use 2 fingers to pull the triger. but knowing the **** you can do to this pistol... im loving it. now my gun is like my watch, its a part of wakeing up..

  9. Cool dont mess up yer sig.

    if you cant do the Trigger Tricks, dont mess up yer gun, take it to someone who can....????? does anyone know if you can get internal sights for the sigma. if knot its time for one...

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