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    Trigger Issue

    so I'm having an issue with my full size baby desert eagle. when the hammer is in single action position, if I squeeze the trigger slowly, half the time it will not get to the point to make the hammer fall but it will trip the hammer so it falls to the half-cocked position. anyone ever had this happen? or any idea what is causing this? hopefully I explained it clear enough to understand what is going on.
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    Sounds like something in the trigger group has broken. I'd call them and explain what is happening. They will either send you parts to fix it or have you send it in. Until it's torn down it's had to determine what is wrong.
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    I'd send it in to get it fixed. Have them take a look at other critical internal parts as well while they're at it. Can't have your gun going "click" when it should go "boom", or go "boom" when it should go "click"! There may be other parts that may be broken or close to breaking.

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    I have had my pistol with my local gun smith for the past 3 weeks or so. I got a call this morning saying that he can't fix it and it will have to be sent to the factory for repair. he is giving me the option to have them send it in, or sending it in myself. having never had to send a gun back to the factory, would having them send it in have any advantages? I was told if I sent it in myself it would cost between 10 and 15 bucks, if they sent it in it would cost between 25 and 30. I have no idea even how to send a firearm... any advice or suggestions?
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    Evidently when you pull the trigger slow the half cock detent is stopping the hammer from falling. When you do a fast pull, the sear is out of the way when it passes the half cock position. That can't be good for the sear, and it is even possible the sear is not going fully into the half cock detent when it catches, which could cause the gun to misfire.

    Be careful! Possibly VERY DANGEROUS situation!

    See your gunsmith or factory if under warranty.

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