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  1. Baby Eagle .40 feeding issue

    I have magnum research steal slide polymer frame .40 baby eagle. I am have a huge feeding problem with this gun. It is getting to the point that it is becoming worthless. I have read on other sites that people have changed the sliding spring and the magazine springs. People have also polished the ramp. Anyone else have a suggestion about this issue?

    If you suggests springs, could you post links to the actual item?

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    you could try to replace some springs first to see if that will fix the problem. wolff springs are the best. the baby eagle and the EAA witness use the same springs. so try these.

    Springs for EAA WITNESS SERIES Semi-Auto Pistols
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  4. I'm no expert, but that looks like a magazine issue to me. How old is the gun- is it one of the newer ones with a rail? Are you using the stock mags that came with the gun, and does it happen with every mag?

  5. It is one of the newer ones. I sent it back to magnum research with no help. However, I did solve the problem. The ammo I am using (UMC) is so dirty that it causes rounds to stick as they slide into the chamber. A simple cleaning with my thumb fixes the problem!

  6. Itaroli which part did you clean with your thumb? I have the same pistol with the same problem including using the same ( UMC ) ammo. I switched to Federal ammo and still have the problem. IMI told me to make sure I am using 180 grain ammo and that any manufacturer should be suitable. (The rep also told me they only use 1 brand at their facility. So take that with a grain of salt.)

  7. The silver slide that the round feeds onto to go in the chamber. If I don't clean it after at least every cycle through a clip I will jam.

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    30 some years I had a Baby Eagle 9 mm with a similar problem, after much consideration and ton of money chasing the rabbit down a hole, I traded it in on a Sig P220.
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