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    I ordered the Wolff Spring kit from Midway USA for $10 plus shipping.
    It comes with a 9#, 10#, and 12# hammer mainspring and an 8# trigger spring. I decided to install the 9# spring first and go to 10# if there were any FTF or light primer strikes. The 9# proved perfect. I left the trigger spring alone.

    The factory springs are 14# Hammer and 11# trigger.

    They are easy to put in yourself. Now, the wife's getting DEADLY shooting DA!! It is really smooth and slick now.

    If you do go to replace the trigger spring, be careful ~ if you try to disassemble the trigger assembly, the pawl spring and plunger likes to shoot clear across the room and can be a bear to find. I speak from experience on this.

    Overall, a cheap and relatively easy to do job.

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    Got my SP-101 just a couple months ago. Saw it at the dealer and when I put it in my hand it naturally lined up on target.

    When I practice with it, I use a five small bulls eye target. Shoot 5 slow and accurate at the center target, two hand grip. I shoot 5 at the upper left target, one handed, single action, then 5 at the lower left target, single handed double acton. Same for the other side targets, only using the right hand. (I'm a southpaw.)

    Got it to the point where either hand's groupings are virtually identical.

    Like the gun for it's concealability and the way it fits my hand(s).

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  4. Definitely leave enough hammer to thumb cock. We have a custom tuned Security 6 on which the hammer is completely bobbed so the only way to shoot single action is to use the trigger to lift the hammer a little so the thumb can catch it. This is tricky since the double action pull is so light. The other consideration is that a lighter hammer spring combined with a bobbed hammer may result in light hammer strikes=inconsistent primer ignition.

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    On the other hand, since there is no "safety" on the 101, getting a trigger pull next to nothing COULD be a source of accidental discharges.

    .... and, yes, in combat situations one would generally be banging away with DA fire. Although, situationally, administering the coup-de-gras could be done with a SA shot.

    Personally, I practice DA and SA, one handed and two, left hand as well as right. I'm a lefty, but my right hand shooting is becoming almost as good as left these past couple of years. Ya NEVER know!


    P.S. Just noticed, I already said that!
    Fanatics of any sort are dangerous! -GG-
    Which part of "... shall NOT be infringed..." confuses you?
    Well now, aren't WE a pair, Raggedy Man? (Thunderdome)

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    I have an SP101 that is DAO as well. I bought a spring kit from Brownells for it and changed out the hammer spring. It is much easier to shoot now than with the factory spring. The kit I bought comes with three hammer springs that will have either 8, 9, or 10 pound trigger pull. The factory spring is a 14 pound spring I believe. I installed the 8 pound spring and have had no problems with it.

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