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    Wink Taurus TCP Slide Hold Open Problem

    I took my Taurus TCP to the range again today when I suddenly began having the problem of a empty magazine not holding the slide open. This is the first time I've experienced the problem and it was on both magazines.

    After a close examination I determined that the little red plastic follower has enough sideways play within the magazine body allowing it to sometimes scoot over to the side away from the lever which raises the slide stop when the magazine is empty.

    Solution #1 send it back to Taurus and be without for weeks or #2 simply fix it myself. I chose solution #2.

    Disassemble magazines and clean red plastic follower with alcohol to remove all traces of dirt and oil. Using a quality epoxy, (I used J-B Weld) mix up a small amount of epoxy and apply a thin 1/4" wide band on the side opposite of the metal insert (object, to push the follower over to provide positive contact with lever that raises slide stop). When epoxy has FULLY cured file-sand epoxy down as needed to again provide a proper fit in the magazine body.

    This worked for me and hopefully others may find it helpful.

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    Do you know what caused the play? Did the plastic piece wear down, or did the magazine distort?
    Kinda curious as I have a couple of Taurus pistols myself. No problems with clips yet though.
    *rap knuckles on head*

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    Just manufacturing tolerances. The TCP is so small there is not a lot of room for error so by doing the epoxy fix you are essentially custom fitting the two pieces together.

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