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    Talking G96 clp!

    Has anyone used G96 CLP to clean and lube there gun? If so what steps do you take to clean the gun?

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    No, I haven't used G96 CLP as of yet, but after reading some on it, I recall it from my days in the military (20+ years).

    Next trip out I reckon I will pick some up, seeing as how this nation is on a bit of rocky ground. I'll write in when I try it. Thanks for the info.

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    I like it so far. I picked some up about 2 months ago at the local gunshop. I asked for something to keep the surface rust off my older guns that I never shoot. Without hesitation he grabbed a can of this. I had used remoil spray clp, but I instantly noticed this was a little thicker. I can't comment on any long term results, but it seems to stay on the gun longer.

    For my cleaning I use the following: Takes about 15 to 20 minutes(I wrap a patch around a brush. I don't use a jag)
    1.) Rem 40x bore cleaner or Kg-1 for 3 to 5 minutes and clean patches until they run clean (still determining which is better)
    2.) patch with rubbing alcohol, followed by a clean/dry patch
    3.) KG-12 5minutes before patches(coppercleaner) It has gotten rave reviews and I replaced my Sweets with it
    4.) Rubbing alcohol, dry patch
    5.) Flitz 20 or 30 times and sometimes repeat depend on how dirty patch comes out(amazing no matter how clean I think it is before the flitz, the patch comes out caked.).
    6.) If storing for a few months I use Break free CLP and a couple dry patches down the barrel.
    7.) Wipe the gun down with g96, put a sock on it and back in the safe it goes.
    *I found all the above at midway
    While waiting on the solvents in my barrel, I clean the receiver, bolts and internals with 1 of 3 types of CLP.

    I know if you ask 10 people how they clean their guns, you will get 20 answers. I have had good advice from some people much older, experienced and wiser than me.

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    I use Hoppes #9 for the barrel, let it soak, then spray some G96 on the dirty areas let it soak in for a Min then use a tooth brush and clean the barrel, the slide, and the trigger area on the top where the slide comes off. then wipe everything down till its clean and the barrel, then i use a oilier bottle with a needle tip and lube everything up and i use the G96 for the inside of the barrel to. that 1 product is Amazing stuff for a CLP..

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