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Thread: Glock 23 bending lip on ejected brass

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    Pictures like slick's help...

    I've seen the same dents on my .223 brass and it's from the case hitting the deflector "lump" on the side of the AR when they are ejected. I note the brass markings on the deflector.. The dents also align with the marks on the case edge where the extractor holds, much like yours do. Could be the same. I put some white grease on that spot and looked for it on the ejected brass, It was there.
    You can give peace a chance alright..

    I'll seek cover in case it goes badly..

  3. G23 Bending Brass Photos

    This G23 was a city detective's service weapon. The department changed to S&W MP's. So...I do not know how many rounds have been put through the gun. I did, however, detail strip it and clean it thoughly prior to firing it for the first time. Since the dented brass did not begin to show up until after I had put approximately 300 rounds through it, I am assuming that my re-assembly was error free, LOL. I can tell you that I take my time and I am careful to do it right. I have included some pics, (finally) of the brass. Hopefully these will help. NOTE: I have oriented the brass so that the ejector marks all face to the left on the photos. All five rounds are oriented the same.
    Again, thanks for everyone's help with this!

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