Bore Snake vs. Bore Snake "Viper"?
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Thread: Bore Snake vs. Bore Snake "Viper"?

  1. Question Bore Snake vs. Bore Snake "Viper"?

    Can anyone please possibly tell me the difference between:

    "Hoppe's Bore-Snake #24002 9mm",


    "Hoppe's Bore-Snake Viper 24002V VIPER 9mm, Clam E/F", other than the $2 or $3 difference in price that I see online, please?

    Thanks in advance...

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    I own a Bore Snake in .22 and .30 calibers. I think they're great for cleaning at the range between sets. They have a permanent place in my range bag.

    I recently bought a Viper Bore Snake for XDm .45. I find these to be an improvement. They have more bristles and a larger end for cleaning. Again, great for the range. Once my my original snakes wear out and need replacing, I will get the Viper versions. For a couple of extra bucks, get the Vipers'

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