Cobra Derringer w/a GOOD trigger pull!
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Thread: Cobra Derringer w/a GOOD trigger pull!

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    Cobra Derringer w/a GOOD trigger pull!

    Well, I went ahead and did it.

    About six weeks ago I ordered a Cobra Long Bore 9 MM derringer over the internet. As I carry a 9MM semi-auto for CC, I thought this would make a reasonable BUG (And I've always liked a derringer). Yeah, I know ~ not a good idea cause the trigger pull is supposed to be so bad. Can't be that bad, I thought. Well, at 27 pounds, the pull was BAD!

    I emailed the company and the owner himself emailed me back.

    He said "If you would have taken the time to watch the video, you would have seen it has a hard trigger pull, for safety reasons." You must pull back and down."

    I HAD watched the video. But what good is a weapon that you can't pull the trigger? Not even as good as a good rock to throw!

    I emailed him back and said, "Well, I'm taking the time to advise you this is not acceptable. Now what should I do to rectify this?" He/they never answered me back.

    As I was taking a shotgun to the local gunsmith to shorten the stock and add a good recoil pad, I took the little Cobra for him to look at. He said "Yeah, I've worked on them before and I am sure I can help."

    About a week ago, he called and I went to pick them up.

    That little fella is now smooth as silk with a seven or eight pound trigger pull!!! I asked, "What in the world did you have to do?"

    His words as near as I can remember was "I replaced the trigger spring and hammer main spring with lighter ones. (I understand he has a "Spring Box" that he traded the springs out for free). The sears looked like they had never been touched or polished with milling marks still on them. I completely polished the sears, the whole trigger and hammer. The factory could have put the lighter springs in at no additional cost to them and polishing the sears would have taken 5 minutes extra labor. The pull is still legalese safe and the company could make a lot of people much happier with just that 5 minute's extra labor."

    Also, the shipping back to the factory would have been a lot more than his $30 charge!

    I hated to spend the extra $30, but, no thanks to Cobra, I'm happy now with the little gun. It is relatively accurate now and I can hit a paper plate most every time at up to 10 yards. It's NOT a target gun but it's not supposed to be.

    It is now a perfect BUG in an IWB cross draw holster with the Semi-auto also in an IWB appendix holster. Can't even feel it's there!

    Just wanted to say there is hope if you have one with that BAD trigger pull! SEE YOUR GUNSMITH!

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    Good info to know. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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    Good to know

    My wife has been looking at the Cobra line. Thanks for the inof. Now we'll look elsewhere.

    You might want to send Cobra the link to this threrad so he can see how much business he's throwing away by not resolving customer complaints.

    Not a way to conduct business.

    Thanks Naybor

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