Cleaning products for S&W M&P 40
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Thread: Cleaning products for S&W M&P 40

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    Cleaning products for S&W M&P 40

    Any suggestion on good cleaning products like oils, brushes and other products? Please let my know where are some good places to buy and also direct links to products. Thanks

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    i have gunslick Gunslick for my CZ and my Mosquito

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    Any good name brand solvent, oil, CLP or grease will do the job just fine. Like many things it's preference. For my Sigma & M&P I use Hoppes #9 and Oil, for My Glock 26 I use Balistol (for now).

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    I personaly feel that The Hoppes Brand is a very good product. I am useing there cleaner andsolvent. You can probably purchase this at any gun shop.

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    When i bought my S&W M&P 40, the glock guy at the local gun shop told me to use " Shooters Choice Polymer Safe Quick-Scrub" then use what i have been using on my other non-polymer guns on all metal parts.

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