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    1911 Officer question ...

    I carry a 1911 Officer. While it is a bit more iron than I really want, I really like the weapon! To increase ammo availability, I acquired 3 factory full-size (that is, for the full-size 1911) 8 round magazines and 3 "X-Grip" spacers to allow the magazine to fit the Officer model. The spacer gives a finger extension to the grip (a Hogue with finger-grooves) and makes the grip truly comfortable. Here's the weird part: The full magazine seats fully and easily with no round in the chamber. Rack it to fill the chamber. Drop the mag and top it up to 8 rounds - it will not seat. If you push, you can get it to click in, but everything is jammed and the gun doesn't function. Anybody know why? It's not a big deal - I still have 7+1 with 8-round mags in reserve and a grip extension that is really nice - but, what is the hang-up?

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    With upon inserting full 8 round magazine and chambering the first round the mag will release normal? Upon inserting another round to top off to full 8 capacity and re-inserting the magazine everything is compressed to tight and the gun will not function and I am guessing the mag release button is very tight to push to release. New magazine springs are tight and need to be broken in. I had this happen on my Colt 1911 Government with 2 new 8 round (colt factory magazines I bought). The original one worked fine just wanted a few more. I loaded them to full capacity and let sit for a few weeks. This solved my problem.

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