Do you oil the inside of your barrel?
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Thread: Do you oil the inside of your barrel?

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    Do you oil the inside of your barrel?

    So I'm at a local gun shop to re-up on some #9 and I noticed that theres a #9 for Semi's!. I don't know if it's new or just new to the shop but I've never seen it before. It's in a blueish bottle not orange like most Hoppes stuff.I took a quick look on the back and you use it like any other solvent but then says to run an oil patch down the barrel to prevent rust. I was always taught not to oil the inside, but on say my Glock I use Ballistol since it's a CLP type product you are oiling the inside just by cleaning with it. SO does anybody out there using a Cleaner/Solvent/Oil combo oil the inside of the barrel?

  3. You half to put something on the inside of the barrel of any firearm (or any exposed steel surface for that matter) to prevent rust.

    The only case I know were this is not done is in target shooting because the extra oil in the barrel will burn during the 1st shot fired causing the 1st shot to be a teeny weeny little bit high. In a self defense or hunting application it's not enough to matter. But: a really good target shooter might lose a point because of the extra millimeter. So they don't oil their barrel after the last practice before the match.

    When oiling any pistol: "less is better." I don't recommend a lot of oil unless the pistol is to be placed in storage.

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    No Oil For Me

    I've heard the same, only oil if putting away for storage. I would think if you're using your gun on any regular basis and cleaning it accordingly, oiling the inside of the barrel would be unncessary anyway.

    Anyhow, I don't use oil in my barrel and it works for me.

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    Yes I run a damp patch down the bore after cleaning. I may go a little heavier on the dampness depending on how long the gun will be stored. If I want to have it ready to shoot I'd use a patch with very little oil or do 1 wipe with a dry patch afterwards.

  6. I think a little oil is fine, and running a dry patch through it will still leave a small amount of oil on the inside of the barrel.

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    I always spray a patch with something like Rem oil and run it through the barrel after cleaning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snatale42 View Post
    I was always taught not to oil the inside...
    Who taught you that?

    After you've finished cleaning, run an oil patch through the barrel followed by a single-layer dry patch. That'll leave a very thin film of oil to protect the metal but not enough to cause dirt or excessive lint to collect and first-round accuracy will not be affected.

    Standard practice for military cops as well.

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    I don't specifically oil it, I clean with Breakfree CLP which has a lubricant/preservative included. I do not think any extra oil is necessary for the barrel?

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    I'm of the same mind set that a thin coat of oil or Break Free CLP is good practice for the inside of the barrel. I have a fluffy cotton bore brush that I run through after de-fouling. The brush is never saturated, but always has a small amount of the CLP on it. I even use it in the cylinders on my revolvers. Don't forget to tear down your magazines and add a light coat on the inside. It helps with feeding and prevent rust where springs and ramps rub.

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    I always oil the inside of the barrel after cleaning, and then run a dry patch through it. In 40+ years of doing it this way, I never had a problem or rust in my barrel.

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