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    Firing Pin issue

    So I went out to the range today with my Kimber 1911. However when I went to fire the first round, no bang. To make a long story short I found that the end of my firing pin wasn't sticking out past the stop plate. I managed (with a bit of effort) to remove the firing pin and spring. The spring looked fine but part of firing pin had some curled edges. It looks as though the curled edge made the firing pin just too wide to move in the channel without catching. So I filed the curls flush with the rest of that portion of the firing pin and reassembled everything. I ran 100 rounds through to make sure everything works and it does. My questions: has anyone else had this issue with a Kimber or any 1911 firing pin? The gun is fairly new (bought in January, less than 500 rounds through it). Should I bother contacting Kimber customer support for a replacement? Or should I just go out and buy a Wilson Combat Bulletproof firing pin?

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    You might want to call Kimber and let them know they have a QC problem. I would pass on sending it back and go with the Wilson Combat firing pin. :)

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    That's probably what I'll end up doing. I'm on the other side of the country from Kimber. So shipping and insuring any parts I send them would probably cost more than buying a new firing pin.

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    I would do both. Contact Kimber about the issue and also get the Wilson firing pin. It's always handy to have spare springs and parts in a range kit for an on the spot repair.

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    Well I just got off the phone with Kimber's Customer Support; They want me to send in the pistol with a minimum of a three to six week turnaround. I explained that having to wait that long seemed unacceptable. Especially when it regards my primary self-defense weapon. Looks like I'm just going to order the Wilson Bulletproof Firing Pin and swap it out myself.

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