When a Semi is cocked, what exactly is under pressure?
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Thread: When a Semi is cocked, what exactly is under pressure?

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    When a Semi is cocked, what exactly is under pressure?

    Until recently my S&W Sigma was the under the bed gun, just sat there with one in the chamber at all times, checked on it every once in a while but basically just sat there for the 3AM suprise! The other day I sold it and until I find a cheap replacement my M&P40 is on the overnight watch. Unlike my Sigma, I really like my M&P so my question is, If it sits under my bed almost all the time cocked with one in the hole whats under pressure? I'm assuming the striker spring but not sure, also Is leaving it in that condition all the time an issue? It comes to the range with me so it will get used like twice a month but the rest of the time (for now) it'll just sit ready to go. I don't want to prematurely age it.

  3. A M&P is a "safe action " pistol. And the mechanics are similar if not the same as a Glock. So when the slide is racked all your doing is re-setting the firing pin. When you pull the trigger the spring that holds the firing goes back and when you pull the trigger all the way to the rear the plunger moves to allow the firing pin to travel forward to strike the primer.
    (I might have messed it up a little bit but that's the main idea on how it works)

    So for leaving your gun always cocked isn't a bad thing. I had gone through the Glock Armorer course and they didn't say anything about any parts being worn out on law enforcement duty guns. Since they are always cocked .

    Hope this helps.

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    Probably won't hurt anything. My S&W 3913 has been cocked for 15-20 years and still fires every time.

  5. Good question, I was wondering the same thing.
    An optimist, is someone that doesn't know all the facts!

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    99.9% of the time it causes no problems. Look at most hammerless shotguns and rifles. I have some that have been cocked for around a hundred years and they still shoot.

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    I am not an expert on metals but from my understanding a spring being in a constant state of compression or relaxation does not effect the life or qualities of the spring. Only the compression and decompression of it. So just like the spring in a magazine the repeated firing of the gun or constant reloading of a magazine causes wear on the spring but keeping them in one state does not.

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    Thanks guys

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    Answer, I would not worry about it.

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