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  1. Ruger LCP recoil adjustment

    I ran across and noticed they have recoil springs in different pressures. Wondering if anyone has changed their recoil springs, what effect did it have, and what is your opinion on such a modification? I do not think the LAP recoil is really bad, but I heard they can reduce it by 1/3 by going to a 13 lb spring.

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    Seems like all the feedback on the 13lb is good. I still have the stock one in mine, no problems.
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    I ordered the 13# spring kit for my LCP. When it came I only replaced the recoil spring. It did reduce the recoil. We shot my LCP and then shot my friends KelTec which had about the same recoil before I installed the springs. Shooting them side by side after installing the springs you could tell there was less recoil in the LCP.

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    Thanks for the info!!! I just ordered the 11-12-13 spring set. Will be fun to swap them around.

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