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    S&W Bodyguard

    I purchased a S&W Bodyguard in late July with some misgivings. I wasn't sure about the attached laser's ability to function. Well, I was right. One round and the laser quit. (It is one of the "new" models, so I thought the bug had been solved by S&W...) My question for you good folks is, is it worth the time, trouble & expense to send the pistol back to S&W to have the laser fixed? I'm assuming it will malfunction again even after the fix... Thoughts? Experiences?

    Thanks! (BTW - First post from a longtime reader)

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    S & W Body Guard 380

    I bought one last fall. I got it home and the laser would not work. The reason I did not try it in the store was that I bought two. One for my daughter in law and one for me. I tried hers and did not try mine. I should have tried it in the store. I sent it back to S & W. They did not have the gun long. The laser works great now. I have put many rounds through the gun. Be sure if you send it back get an RM number first by calling S & W support. I would say it was worth sending it back.
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    S&W has always been great with customer service. I've never had an issue with getting things I need. I've never had a send back gun issue however with 5 I own. The BG has been iffy for me. My friend Steve has one and it had to go back for a broken firing pin... Send it back and get it fixed. You paid for it as a working unit. Call and ask about the shipping costs, they may help out with it...

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  5. S&W Customer Service

    I purchased a BG 380 in May and laser stopped working before I ever fired a round, dealer sent it back and turn around was about a week. no problems since. Send it back they'll make it right!

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    Thanks all for the advice! I'm headed to the dealer now to see about sending the BodyGuard back. Stay safe!

  7. Had mine for about a month now. Several hundred rounds through it with and without laser on. No problems at all.

  8. S&W Bodyguard .380

    First let me say that I am a HUGE S&W mark and have an extensive positive history with the company and the many S&W firearms I have owned and collected over the last 30 years. That said, I do my due diligence and attempt to critically evaluate any pistol that I carry for self defense regardless of any affinity that I have for the manufacturer(s). I bought my BG .380 about 7 weeks ago and have put over 800 rounds down range and have had NO PROBLEMS with the laser or anything else. Great BUG or primary gun in low threat situations. Federal Hydro-Shocks are very accurate in my pistol but I carry with the Winchester PDX1's because of the very positive gelatin testing results using the FBI protocol(found elsewhere on the web).

  9. Bodyguard clip base thingie, why?

    I just bought an S&W Bodyguard. It came with an interchangeable thingie for the base of the magazine. Can anyone please tell me why or for what purpose?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Semper View Post
    I just bought an S&W Bodyguard. It came with an interchangeable thingie for the base of the magazine. Can anyone please tell me why or for what purpose?
    That thingy is a finger guard/rest. It adds a tiny bit more grip and does a fair job of helping you keep a proper grip.

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    Bought my BG38 3-4 months ago. Fire it at the range almost weekly. Never a problem with it or the laser. Very pleased with this gun. Of course, you should contact either the dealer or S&W for a repair or replacement.

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