Taurus Millenium action stuck closed
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Thread: Taurus Millenium action stuck closed

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    Taurus Millenium action stuck closed

    I was attempting to clean my pt145 for the first time and followed the directions in the book. Locked slide back, pulled pin, pulled trigger and let slide go forward. The slide stopped in almost normal closed postion maybe a little past and locked. It
    won't go back or forward and the trigger is stuck all the way back. Did I miss
    something? I don't see how to free it and unless I'm missing something I guess it's on the way back to the factory.

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    Update: Found on the Taurus owners forum the solution. Physically push the trigger forward then the slide will
    come off when you pull the trigger back again. Apparently you are not supposed to pull the trigger while the
    slide is all the way back. You should wait till it is in the normal closed position then pull the trigger and
    slide it off. They should make that at little more clear in the manual.

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    Good lookin' out, spdracr39.

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