Sig Nitron finish - how durable?
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Thread: Sig Nitron finish - how durable?

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    Lightbulb Sig Nitron finish - how durable?

    I wonder about this finish because i dont know if its the same as blued? Also another think i would like to know is when cleaning it is it ok to get oil (rem oil i.e.) or solvent hopps 9 on it without damaging it?

  3. It isnt the same as blued its tougher. My p220 has the nitron finish on it. It has some very light surface rust on the outside of the slide on the left side only from carrying. I dont clean it nearly as often as i should though.

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    Nitro is a salt base finish, like parkerized. But it is finer, so it looks nicer.

    The finish is durable and looks really good. I have it on my P250, P228 and P239 they are older models, specially the P228. it has a roll pin for the slide, so you know it is an old model.hehehe.

    But if you want the official answer, call SigSauer and they will will tell you.

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    Had a Sig a long time ago with Nitron finish, and the only thing about it that slightly annoyed me was how the finish tended to look blotchy and uneven when I oiled it. Took a LOT of wiping to even it out so it didn't look like the outside of a greasy fast food bag. It will take a beating, though, and it never seemed to show wear marks from holsters or scratch easily either.

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    i got a sig sp2022 and i like it i just dont like how it looks faded sometimes but as far as toughness ive yet to find out

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