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Thread: Installing Trijicon Sights On My Glock G26

  1. Start a relationship with this store and things will get better.

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    How about dropping $150 there this afternoon? I'd say that's a good start! But that was my gunsmith fee, range fee, 100 rounds of 9mm practice, 50 rounds of 9mm Ranger, and 80 rounds of 223. They have a really nice range and will probably make that my main indoor range I go to around here.

  4. Where was this shop? Is it close enough to be Friends for you. Tell them you have a large group that could buy their products if interested. Not as a bribe but a good business deal. Lots of us in florida could benfit from group buys.I deal with a couple of smiths and they could all use more sales. Just a thought. Drop me a line if any intrest .

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