oil in barrel after cleaning
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Thread: oil in barrel after cleaning

  1. oil in barrel after cleaning

    I have Taurus PT 92 AF. In my manual, in the care and maintenance section. Says if particles of lead are detected in barrel they must be scrubbed with a brass brush, drenched with oil. Once cleaned lubrication should be done as above.

    I did this, question is do I need clean all oil out of the barrel? As right now it's has some oil still down the barrel. Do I leave it, or clean it all out with clean cloth? Thanks guys. Yes I'm new to firearms.

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    If it was mine,I would not have any standing oil left in the barrel. After you use the brass/wire bore brush i would soak a patch in oil to lube the bore, then take several dry patches to get rid of any access oil. You should be good to go. Many people clean their gun in many different ways. Just don't over oil, you should be fine.

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    My recommendation - if you want the "quick and easy" way to clean it, then use a good all-in-one solvent+lubricant. Swab the bore wet with a patch or mop. Let sit 5 minutes, then run a bore-snake through it a few times. (The bore snake has the bronze brush built in.)

    If you want a little more detailed cleaning, use a dedicated sovent. Wet the bore thoroughly with a patch or mop. Wait the recommended amount of time. After the correct amount of time has passed, make several passes with a bore brush to knock the lead and copper particles loose. Then use a brass spear-tip jag and cleaning rod to push patches through, one at a time, and only one pass per patch, until they come out clean. Then soak a clean patch or mop in oil, and run it through the bore. After that, switch back to the brass jag, again pushing one patch through at a time until they come out clean. The end result is that your bore is thoroughly decontaminated of lead and copper fouling, and is very lightly oiled.
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    Too much oil can lead to overpressures when you fire. I would make sure any oil was a very light coat
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