Oil or wax coating for stored guns?
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Thread: Oil or wax coating for stored guns?

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    Oil or wax coating for stored guns?

    I wipe down my carry guns with a light coat of oil. My stored handguns & rifles get a coat of Johnson past wax twice a year. All have remained in mint condition. Anyone else wax instead of oil?
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    Never even crossed my mind. What just crossed my mind was "Wax on....wax off" from Karate Kid movie.
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    I use Renissance wax on the antiques and the guns that don't get out as much as I'd like them too. I just let them get warmed up a bit by setting them in the sun, and then apply the wax. Years will go by before there will be any corrosion. Museums use wax on a lot of their displays.

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    Started waxing blue steel back in the 70's

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    I have waxed and oiled at various times. I finally decided on oil only because I can't get wax on all the parts. Waxing the bore wasn't so hard, but the internal receiver was a chore. It's only oil for me. And it only needs to be done about twice a year for guns I don't use, and easier to apply than wax.. But everyone should do what one wants. I decided that when I was about 60. I'm 76 now, ;)
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    the ones i store and don't use i spray down with white lithium grease..... only have to do it once.... works for me

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    I use only wax on all my guns only i use the best wax Collinite's no.845 insulator wax made in Utica N.Y.since 1912 never advertise word of mouth only besides there website the only place that i know is Advanced Automotive.It was originally designed for power lines to avoid dangerous flash overs.and instead of the 40 weight motor oil they give you in those gun cleaning kits i use the best lubricant Tri- Flow I shot in pistol matches for 4 years all the guys had 2to3 thousand dollar guns and had alibi's every match 4 years i never had one with my 400 dollar gun.And my 2004 Kia is the shines the most.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner 357 View Post
    I use only wax on all my guns only i use the best wax Collinite's no.845 insulator wax.
    Use that stuff on the boat I work on for the stainless railing..If it keeps steel from rusting with salty ocean spray if WILL work for your guns.Downside is its about 20 bucks a bottle,lol.

  10. A light coat of C.L.P. and stored in a tight safe with dehumidifier I have had no issues at all.

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    I have used paste wax on my blued barrels before for storage. Works well except for getting the paste wax out of them pesky stamped imprints in the metal. I switched years ago to Pledge furniture polish for the metal and wood. Looks good and stores well over long periods of time in the dehumidified safe.

    IMO, over time a petroleum product will collect dust / dirt and lose it's protective properties.

    Without fail, I always clean and lube my pistols / rifles before storage. I moved a few years ago and ran across a rifle case I had forgotten about buried in my junk room. It was my Stevens single shot bolt action .22 that had not seen daylight in at least 35 years. I was surprised to find the action and inside the barrel had formed a moderate amount of rust.

    The thin coat of oil I applied to it decades ago had evaporated. I guess that's why most manufacturers use cosmoline for shipping and longer term storage?
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