Polishing my XD .40?
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Thread: Polishing my XD .40?

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    Polishing my XD .40?

    Ok, so the other day I was going to grab the mail. Instead of getting my holster, and the right belt and what have you, I just put it in my pants.
    When I came back in and put my pistol on the coffee table in front of me I noticed that I had scratched the black coating on the side of the slide.
    So, I youtubed "polished xd .40". I pretty much only say polished barrels.
    So my question is...
    Has anybody removed the black coating from theirs and also if it was a goo/bad idea. I planned to just take some 220 grit to it and polish just the barrel.
    Would this be detrimental to it any way? Do I need to take any special precautions when doing this or after for upkeep? Naturally I would oil it to keep it from rusting.
    I do not plan to do anything out of site. I dont want to affect the action so I just wanted to do the outside.
    Thoughts, previous experiance?

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    Do a google search and find a place that cerakotes to gave the slide done should be around 80 bucks the gunmetal color is nasty however there are a ton of colors to choose from and it is a very hard surface once applied unlike duracoat etc pic attached of 1911 cerakoted
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