Walther PPK/S realiability work?
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Thread: Walther PPK/S realiability work?

  1. Walther PPK/S realiability work?

    I have a SS Walther PPK/S .380 that I would like to use as my CCW but I have been reluctant to do so because It does not run reliably. I need to find a gunsmith that is good with these pistols. Anyone have a gunsmith that they would recommend?
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    my son has one it's a great gun......might need a tighter spring though which you can change yourself
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    You have not updated your profile to let us know where you live. I know of a few great gunsmiths around Pittsburgh, PA, where are you?
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    My PPK/S was a PIA and would not cycle reliably either. I sent it back to S&W/Walther and they put a new slide on it and it's working flawlessly! Contact them to get a return authorization and sen it back for love from the manufacturer.
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    Jojo's Gunworks in Southington CT did awesome work on my PPK/S it's my EDC even over a Kimber custom. I've also heard LaRocca Gun Works in Worcester Mass. and M&M Gunsmithing in Hazel Green, Al are good too. There are a bunch more. It would help if I knew what state you're in. Check out waltherforums.com it has a lot of good info and some knowledgeable people there. Hope this helps.

    Also, who manufactured it? Is it a IA or S&W?
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