What's your favorite gun oil?
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Thread: What's your favorite gun oil?

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    What's your favorite gun oil?

    I've used pretty much everything on the market at one time or another but for the last two years I've settled on one oil - good old Mobile 1 Synthetic. It's takes the heat, doesn't get all paste-like from carbon and powder residue and it's a lot cheaper than the hybrid/gourmet oils. I even had it recommended by a well known subgun manufacturer at an armorers school. What say you all?

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    I carry Glock's almost exclusively.....
    They prefer just a little bit of spit and that's about it...Glock's don't like to be oiled.

    Just Kidding =-)

    Thanks for the synthetic motor oil tip.
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    WD-40 works well for me.
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    Hoppe's Elite. Also tastes good on corn on the cob.

  6. What's your favorite gun oil?

    +1 on the mobile one synthetic but I also mix in a little bit of transmission fluid in mine, works great all of my guns love it

  7. Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    WD-40 works well for me.
    WD*40 is NOT oil! I myself use brea.k free cIp and have for a long time. Works great.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tattedupboy View Post
    WD-40 works well for me.
    Are you serious? You spend $$$ on a gun and put WD-40 on it? I can't even stand putting that crap on a bicycle chain, it's gross.
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    Good topic..

    Just this weekend I bought several different ones to try (along with some different cleaning solutions).
    For oils, I have:
    Outer's Gun Oil
    Hoppes Elite

    I've always been a Hoppes man. Never tried this elite stuff before though, I wonder what, if anything , makes it elite?
    The cynical bastard in me suspects that it is the same oil, just renamed for marketing purposes. I don't know though.

    The Rem-oil seems like a really nice, lightweight oil. We'll see how the 1911 likes it next time I shoot it.
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    I have some mobile 1 synthetic that I run in my race car. Interesting that I can use the same for gun oil.

    Thanks for the tip.
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  11. Gunzilla, hands down.

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