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    everything hinges on it...

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    Exclamation this will prevent damage to the vice

    You don't want to mar or damage a perfectly good vice do you?

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    Check you mag spring. It may have been put in backwards. There is a right and wrong way to install them. Make sure that the top of the spring mating with the follower is pointed up toward the chamber end of the follower. An improper installed spring will cause all sorts of problems.
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    I did have an issue similar to yours. I fixed the problem and never had it occur again. I also purchased a new mag for carry and will use the one I fixed for practice.
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    Ok so I went out for a second round with my P220 and after a few mags I had an issue which looked like this.

    So I pulled the slide back with the P220 rotated clockwise 90 deg and loaded another round and kept on firing with another round that took a 1 second delay to chamber. All the rest in that magazine were fine. I shot the rest of the day without a hitch.

    When I got home I striped the gun down and inspected it while cleaning and lubing and it looked just fine. So my next thought was the mag's. I have 2 older and 4 new 8 rnd magazines and the one that had the "failed to feed" was an older one but I didn't mark it or seperate it at that time (wasn't thinking). I measured the feed lips and this is what I found.

    The one mag that was .352 must be the guilty one so I looked for a tool that I can alter the lips with that would not damage the mag. I found an aluminium exacto knife and decided to give it a try.

    So you can see in the second picture above the .352 was altered by slightly bending both lips and re-measuring, bending and re-measuring until I brought it in to the upper tolerance of the other mags.
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    Had similar issue with 2075

    I found that the extractor had enough debris behind it that the casing was not being held properly and allowed the round to tip up at the feed ramp. I removed the extractor and cleaned behind it & had 100% success for past 500 rounds. Hope this helps.

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