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    Marschal Grips

    I just received a set of grips I ordered from Marschal Grips fro my Bersa Thunder .380 ..... these are some really nice grips. I got the Zebrawood with oil finish, checkered with Bersa logo and a R.H. thumb rest. If you want some really awesome grips go to they have pages of grips to look at and see the different woods and finishes.

    I've already made up my mind to order a set for my Bersa Thunder .32 though in a different wood and color so that each gun has a separate personality.


  3. Rise of the Machines: Bersa guns develop personalities *throws his back into the safe*

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    Neither of these guns are safe queens. I use them both for carry and they are good shooters. Why should all guns with custom grips be safe Queens? I like my carry guns to look nice and shoot well. As John Wayne once said, "Don't ever mess with my horse, dog or guns because then you invite trouble".

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