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Thread: Carry in and through water

  1. [QUOTE=The_Outlaw;441908]Step 1; Carry a can of WD40 with you (Displace water from your firearm as needed).
    Step 2; Carry a Glock.

    Glocks are the absolute best to carry if you're going to soak them since they're actually made to run dry. I'd carry a can of Brake Parts Cleaner rather than WD40 though. Leaves no film, dries nice and clean. If I use a lube it's a 10W30 Synthetic motor oil like Mobil 1. In the case of water I'd run it dry and just spray it dry with brake parts cleaner.

  3. Very interesting. I might have to look into getting a Glock. Just will add it to my list of wants and needs lol

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