APEX Duty/Carry kit for J-Frames
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Thread: APEX Duty/Carry kit for J-Frames

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    APEX Duty/Carry kit for J-Frames

    Anybody install one of these? After trying out one of those "Gunsmoke Wyatt Deep Cover" edition J-Frame's, now I want to clean up the trigger on my 642 and was going to just order the Wilson Combat or Wolf Spring kit for them but noticed that Apex has a kit as well, with all the reviews on their DCAEK for the M&P's I figured I'd give it a shot. There kit is a little more money, but also replaces the firing pin with their own, which none of the other kits do, not sure why they do. Any reviews on a J-Frame trigger job?

    Also, anybody know the factory trigger weight? Can't seem to Google up an answer.

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    APEX Duty/Carry kit for J-Frames

    I've heard good things about it but I've also heard good things about the Wolf. The only difference is that the Apex is 3 times as much just for the firing pin swap. Personally that's not worth it to me because I know people who have have had j frames for 15 years with no firing pin issues so why replace it?

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