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Thread: why not just have a spare "practice" gun, very similar to your ccw gun?

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    Exactly what I did. I keep one clean and the other is the work gun.

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    Stop being lazy. Clean and lube any gun you shoot. Practice with the gun you carry since it could save your life. Have another gun just for range is fine, but shoot your carry gun enough to stay used to it. I only own guns I carry and I shoot them enough to have confidence they will be dependable and accurate. Why would you not want to shoot a carry gun? So shoot them and clean/lube them, it is the proper way.

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    Are the folks at thunder ranch lazy? Not many years ago, they suggested training hard with one gun, while keeping an exact copy for daily carry that was used very little.

    Calling another forum member names because he does something different than you do it, is lazy. Lol.

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  5. I agree with the theory of the two guns, as it is logical and prudent to be practiced and prepared. However, it also assumes you have found the perfect gun for everything. In practice, I have ended up with a number of different guns for different needs, from tiny 380s to full size 45s. Most trend to the smaller, as I try to carry the biggest I can conceal with what I'm wearing. I'm comfortable with that because most quality guns will easily outlast me even with a lot of practice. If I do find that perfect gun, though, there will probably be 2 of them eventually.

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    I don't think it is a good idea to have a spare just like your main CCW. I don't think you can wear out a modern firearm if it is treated and maintained properly. My 1970 vintage Taurus Model 84 38 special feels and shoots like new. If you want another CCW, get one of a different size for different times of the year. Use the larger one in winter and the smaller one in summer. I have my S & W SD9VE (Glock 19 size and weight) for winter carry and I have a Taurus TCP 738 (10.2 oz) for summer carry. They both have a lifetime warranty and will long outlive me.

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