How often to Clean glock 23 gen 4
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Thread: How often to Clean glock 23 gen 4

  1. How often to Clean glock 23 gen 4

    New to the site. Great post!
    Just bought a new glock 23 gen 4
    2 weeks ago and have only been able to shoot 50 rounds or so. Planning on shooting 200-300 this weekend. So what is the break in period? Planning on cleaning it after a few hundred round or clean it now??
    Help please

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    Here is a site that has some good info. Glock says that the gun should be cleaned after every shooting session. But most Glock owners believe that less is best. - Tech Info

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    I cleaned my glock 23 every month or so when I took my bath I think every manufacturer recommends cleaning after every use. I think Attorneys run those things nowadays. If you cleaned you glock every 500 rounds it would be like you taking 2 showers a day. Either way you smell ok. Oh and when you lube it look on you tube for suggestions. Minimal use of lubrication is better than swabbing it silly. Actually I would clean it after the first couple hundred rounds when out of the box but after that... Every 500 rounds and you will never have a problem unless you are in a high humidity area with dust storms. Then it is time and exposure, not the number of rounds I'd be worried about.
    I currently own glock 19, and 26. I just sold my 23 as I am standardizing to 9mm. My 23 once went through 900 rounds in 4 days without a hiccup and I didn't clean it till after that.

    On the other hand if I shot more of that Russian stuff I'd probably clean it after every use. That stuff is DIRTY. Still my glock ate it like caviar.
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    I personally know of a range officer who put 2000 rounds through his before he cleaned it without a hiccup. I've gone as much as 800 rounds before I felt uncomfortable, broke down, and cleaned it. Most manufacturers tell you to clean it after every shoot. Well that isn't realistic. What if I shoot 50 rounds one day and 600 rounds the next day?

    Truth is with a Glock, you can be a little lax in how often you clean it. If you get into the habit of cleaning it after every shoot, you will be more than fine.

    One recommendation though, do not over oil it after cleaning it. Glocks don't like a lot of oil.
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    How often to Clean glock 23 gen 4

    You're supposed to clean a glock? I'm doing it wrong..

    In all seriousness I clean it after I shoot it. I'm not really picky like I am with some other guns. Light on the lube, and I break it down once in a while and wipe the lint and dust out if Its been a while between range trips. Not much you can do to kill a glock.
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    I'm pretty much with the rest. I usually clean my glock 19 after 500 round going through it. Or if I run through a few hundred and its going to be awhile before I get back to the range I'd wipe it out with a little bit of cleaner and a very small amount of oil but nothing serious. Buts it just depends on what type of ammo you use.
    If you notice your gun is pretty dirty after 200-300 rounds, id clean it. But that's just me.

    good luck

  8. Thanks a lot guys. I thought shooting a few hundred rounds then cleaning it wasn't good enough. I have been hearing a lot on how tough the glocks are. It's by far my best handgun purchase so far.
    I'm thinking I'll clean and lube every few hundred rounds
    Thanks again

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    you need to clean them,????

    seriously some people clean after each shot, I would usually go a few months between cleanings. it is more important to lubricate

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    GLOCKs don't need a break-in; they are ready to go right out of the box!! As a GLOCK armorer, I know the book answer is to clean the gun after each use. However, like most others, if I'm shooting today and know I'm going to shoot again tomorrow, I'll skip cleaning it tonight and give it a good cleaning tomorrow night. Be sure you use a quality cleaning agent. CLP-type products are good. Brake fluid is not! Hoppes is good for cleaning but remember it's a solvent and needs to be cleaned from all parts thoroughly or you can get a head start on corrosion. GLOCK recommends only 4-5 drops of oil when lubing the gun and don't get any in the "workings" at the back of the slide where the firing pin is located. All of the mechanisms located in there are designed to operate dry. Oil will just muck up the operation. Hope this helps...

  11. To be honest my glock's our dirty and happy! Any other maker and I clean after every use. But glock26, or the 22, i could shoot a combat match 250 to 500 rounds and use for as MY PERSONAL CCW with NO PROBLEM! I can say the about LCR also but they the only ones! Just my experience of 42 years of carrying!

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