Cleaning glock 23 gen4 firing pin
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Thread: Cleaning glock 23 gen4 firing pin

  1. Cleaning glock 23 gen4 firing pin

    Ok guys. So I field stripped glock 23 and cleaned with g96. I tried not to spray anything in the firing pin channel. Can I blow the firing pin channel out with compressed air just to make sure none got in there?? Will that dry it enough?
    I didn't use any lube since the g96 (a divsed by my dealer) would be enough cleaner and lube)

  3. Search YouTube for videos on how to detail strip the glock slide. Seriously, it's pretty easy. You don't need the "Glock tool", a small flat head screw driver will work just fine. Take the firing pin assembly out and clean the firing pin channel with a cotton swab and rubbing alcohol. That will clean it out and the alcohol will dry completely in just a few seconds. If you disassemble the firing pin assembly you might want to do that in a gallon size ziplock baggie in case the spring pops out of your hands so you don't lose the tiny spring collars. Trust me, it doesn't take a gunsmith to detail strip the Glock slide. I was apprehensive at first but I decided to give it a shot. It was a piece of cake! Just watch a few different YouTube videos first.

    You don't have to detail strip it every time you clean your gun, but once every several hundred rounds or at least once or twice a year should be good. It all depends how much you use your weapon, what kind of ammo you feed it and how much you carry it. My G22 functioned without a hiccup for several years and well over 1000 rounds before I finally got around to cleaning it. It was very dirty though and I found quite a few bits of brass in there too.

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    Cleaning glock 23 gen4 firing pin

    The rule I use for cleaning out the firing pin channel is; If after dry firing the gun, I can shake it and hear the pin floating in the channel. That tells me that the channel is free of debris that might impede the firing pin operation. When there's no more noise I know it's time to clean. As stated before its a very easy process. Use an eyeglass screw driver to push down on the plastic that is just barely visible in the firing pin channel. Push this towards the muzzle end of the gun. Then slide the back plate off with your thumb being careful not to let the firing pin assembly ad the extractor shoot across the room. Then slide out the ejector and firing pin assembly. Next depress the firing pin safety with the screw driver. This is the small round piece to the left of the firing pin channel, that will release the extractor. Remove that and then clean all parts.. I usually soak the small pieces in solvent and use qtips or pipe cleaners in the firing pin channel. Reverse steps to assemble.
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  5. Would just blowing out with air be ok?? I don't trust myself to disassemble yet

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    Cleaning glock 23 gen4 firing pin

    Ya it would work. Not going to hurt anything, once you see how easy it is you'll be pro in 10 minutes. Heck I've done it with a pocket knife in a gunshop while buying a used glock. Just like the Staples button. "That was easy"
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  7. The compresses air is better than nothing but if any moisture is in there from solvent, oil, or anything else it will attract powder, brass, dust ect. and turn into grime that the compressed air won't get out.

    Like kalamity said, if it's rattling, that's good. But trust us. Anybody that has half a brain can detail strip a Glock slide. It is easy. YouTube is your friend!

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    Cleaning glock 23 gen4 firing pin

    Pulling apart a glock slide is kind of a joke, it's so easy. Most of my 6mo old daughters toys are more complicated. I've found the tip of a car key works well.

    The trigger mech isn't anymore complicated either. Three pins and the whole thing pops out.

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    I'm a Glock Armorer. The above advise is dead on. If you did get lube in the firing pin chamber, guess what? Air won't evaporate it.

    I generally don't remove the firing pin on my Glock but once a year (about 2000-2500 rounds).

    Here's a very good pictorial lesson on it, the firing pin removal starts on page 4:

    This video shows a guy, field stripping it and removing the firing pin in 14 seconds using a ball point pen!?!!:

    Trust us, it's easy. All Glock models will disassemble the same way. If you run into any troubles... hit us up here.
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