Reducing Trigger Pull - Springfield XD-40
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Thread: Reducing Trigger Pull - Springfield XD-40

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    Reducing Trigger Pull - Springfield XD-40

    I'm looking to reduce the trigger pull on my XD-40, and want to know if there is anyone in the Central Fla. area around Orlando/Daytona Beach that can do the job. Or at least tell me where I can get the spring kit and instructions on how to do it myself (IF - I can do it myself).

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    Gary, check you other post. I made a reply to it.
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    gpbarth Guest
    Will do, Red HAt. Thanks.

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    I am currently a low level gunsmith so i am not a 20 year vetran but to lessen the trigger pull would be slightly dangerous on the xd because is has no alternate safety, so just make sure you properly test the firearm to include a 5 foot drop test.... not loaded just cocked with a round int he chamber, and push the trigger side to side to ensure it will not disengage the sear. the bottom line dont do anything you cant change back yourself.

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