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Thread: What is the best gun cleaning products?

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    M-pro 7
    thats what I use along with a bore snake

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    I care for a lot of heavily used range rentals. I have great luck with the foaming bore cleaners. Currently we are ordering Gunslick:
    Gunslick ? Precision Gun Care - Cleaners-Degreasers

    Everything else is #9 and Gunscrubber. For lube I use X1-R grease:
    X-1R Shooter Pack

    I do the same on my personal guns, too.
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    Anybody use motoroil? I've used it in a pinch and seems to work very well...would go a long way. The instructor I had for my concealed carry class says he uses it as his main lubricant.
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    if the bore is really dirty I use Hoppe's #9 just to clean the barrel.
    I generally clean everything with CLP or sometimes Remoil and I use Tetra Gun Grease on the slides and some of the other moving parts.
    I have a whole tool box filled with cleaning supplies and brushes and all. I usually use Teflon coated rods and sometimes the Otis system.
    Back when I was not as much into guns I would use whatever was the cheapest and quickest to use--the guns were always clean and always functioned perfectly.
    Now that I own more guns and have gotten into all the intricacies of cleaning--my guns are still all clean and always function perfectly. Just takes me more time to clean them now
    Wierd huh

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    Tag team cleaning

    I use mineral spirits and Kroil for cleaning. Kroil seems to do a fantastic job of getting the bore clean. I spray the barrel and let it set for a day, then I hit it with patches, followed with the Boresnake.

    I lube with the Kano Labs Moly spray, and the slide rails I use Brian Eno's Slide Glide.

    I'm a little OCD about my gun, so not everyone will want to do my drill. It sure does work though.

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    I'm a recent convert to the Break Free products. If it's really dirty ( as in I'm cleaning somebody else's gun) I'll let the barrel soak with their Powder Blast, followed by CLP. If I'm cleaning my own guns after a trip to the range, I'll just let it soak 15-20 mins with the CLP.

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    For me it's Hoppe's Elite all the way.
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    hoppes elite clp was what i used for everything until i started using tetra gun products. tetra gun lube and grease are the best that you can find in local stores.

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    Break Free hands down!!!...God's gift to firearms cleaning and lubrication. This is also used by the U.S. Military.
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    As we all can see there are a lot to choose from and most I am sure do a good job.Each product will tell you that theirs is the best. I have wanted to try both Tetra and Shooters Choice products as they seem to be very good also but have not done so as yet. What I would really like to see though is some independent laboratory do a study as to which performs the best.
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