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Thread: What is the best gun cleaning products?

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    CLP and lube with Militec.

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    As far as corrosion prevention goes ... The Gun Zone -- Corrosion Test

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    Weapon Shield and a Bore Snake. If you haven't tried Weapon Shield you may be as surprised as I was.It was reccomended to me by a local gunsmith.
    It is a excellant cleaner and lube.

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    Quote Originally Posted by artcarney View Post
    As far as corrosion prevention goes ... The Gun Zone -- Corrosion Test
    +1 on this link!!!

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    Break Free Powder Blast to strip it off...
    Break Free CLP to lube and protect...

    Bore snakes are the best invention since... inventions.


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    Got this reply from a gunsmith: Use W.D. 40 AND MOTOR OIL? I didn't know what to think after that one. His main business is building full auto's for the police and AK47'S, M15's. He's been in business for 40+years but I still question his choice of lubricant.

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    I had always used Hoppe's #9 solvent. I recently asked a co-worker what he uses because he has been shooting and reloading for years. He said he uses "Shooter's Choice". I told him what I had been using and he stated that SC works better than Hoppes #9 for him. He said it costs more, but it's worth it. He even brought some to work for me. Can't wait to try it out.

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    I've been using Weapon Shield, a CLP type product that seems to do a very nice job. I'm a Newbee, so don't have much experience with other products. Love the Bore Snake.

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    After reading the tests on the Gun Zone I think I am sold on Break Free CLP which I have used or EEZOX which I have not yet had a chance to try.
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    I started using Gunzilla CLP and have nothing but good to say about it. Top Duck Products, LLC., Creators of Superzilla and Gunzilla

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